Week 37

nicolaberry_the-sea-shipment_new-jersey The Sea Shipment, New Jersey

meghanhof-preparations-oregon Preparations, Oregon

kim-bracken_daily-routine_manila-1-of-1 Daily Routine, Manila

37beckyventeicher_life-is-good-virginia Life is Good, Virgina

259.365 Trying to Get Ready for the Fair, Connecticut

jaroszkristine37_watercolor-gallery-prep_wassenaar_the-netherlands_ Water Color Gallery Prep, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

jenc_seven_pennsylvania Seven, Pennsylvania

stephaniejackson_after-the-party_ohio_wk37 After the Party, Ohio

kirsty-larmour-pissing-rain_moscow-week-37 Pissing Rain, Moscow

amanda-odonoughue-frequent-flyer-florida Frequent Flyer, Florida

felicedouglas_high_germany High, Germany

deb-schwedhelm-yokosuka-japan Yokosuka, Japan

breanna-peterson-feeling-fall-alaska Feeling Fall, Alaska

catewnek-within_reach_maine Within Reach, Maine

chloelodge_entry-point_dubai_week37 Entry Point, Dubai

37-kaypickens-save-the-beer-obx-nc-5885 Save the Beer, Outer Banks, North Carolina

karenporter_pleaseputyourshoesaway_newyork Please Put Your Shoes Away, New York

week37-pamelajoye-in-darkness-there-is-light-new-jersey In Darkness there is Light, New Jersey

Week 36

week36-pamelajoye-on-the-second-to-the-last-day-i-saw-this-little-lineup-im-not-alone-in-missing-what-is-coming-to-an-end-new-jerseyOn the Second to the Last Day I Saw This, New Jersey

nicolaberry_remembering_new-yorkRemembering, New York

phyllismeredith_last-stormybeach-day_rhode-islandLast Stormy Beach Day, Rhode Island

rowe-timson_baby-larasati_metta-mama-orphanage_baliBaby Larasati, Metta Mama Orphanage, Bali

kim-bracken_when-your-twin-wont-let-you-play_manila-1-of-1When Your Twin Won’t Let You Play, Manila

jenlucas_afterschoolpeach_wi-1After School Peach, US

felicedouglas_a-smile-is-a-second-away_germanyA Smile is a Second Away, Germany

stephaniejackson_tent-for-two_ohio_wk36Tent for Two, Ohio

kirsty-larmour-life-on-board_the-trans-siberian-week-36Life On-Board the Trans-Siberian, Siberia

amanda-odonoughue-lapse-of-the-hour-tallahassee-flLapse of the Hour, Tallahassee, Florida

36chloelodge_celebrating-with-dad-and-chocolate_abu-dhabi_week-36Celebrating With Dad and Chocolate, Abu Dhabi

jaroszkristine36_kite-day_wassenaarKite Day, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

catewnek-thrown_maineThrown, Maine

Week 35

chloelodge_come-on-mum-come-in_dubai_week-35 Come On Mum Come In, Dubai

catewnek-stranger_things_maineStranger Things, Maine

Afternoon Cuddle, Colorado

felicedouglas_gotcha_germanyGotcha, Germany

stephaniejackson_breakfast-burritos_ohio_wk35Breakfast Burritos, Ohio

kim-bracken-park-life-manila-philippines-1-of-1-2Park Life, Manila, Philippines

kirsty-larmour-rainbows-unicorns-camels-and-yurts-gobi-desert_mongolia-week-35-smRainbows, Unicorns, Camels and Yurts, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

35beckyventeicher_night-night-virginiaNight, Night, Virginia

jaroszkristine35_front-window_wassenaarcolorFront Window, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Mission, Santa Barbara, California

nicolaberry_%22i-can-see-hong-kong%22_barnegat-light_lbi_new-jerseyI Can See Hong Kong, Barnegat Light, LBI, New Jersey

jenc_5th3rd1st_pennsylvania5th. 3rd, 1st, Pennsylvania

amandaMorning Has Broken, Hurricane Hermine, Tallahassee, Florida

meghanhof-amonggiants-californiaAmong Giants, California

Week 34

felicedouglas_haven_GermanyHaven, Germany

jenlucas_Dibs_Illinois_week34-1Dibs, Illinois

nicolaberry_Sandcastles & Surf, Sea Girt, New JerseySandcastles and Surf, Sea Girt, New Jersey

Meghan-Hof-beach fog-OregonBeach Fog, Oregon

week34-pamelajoye-when all thats left is the sound of the surf against the sky - lbi new jerseyWhen all that’s left is the sound of the surf against the sky, LBI, New Jersey

CaliforniaWindy, Ventura, California

Kirsty Larmour-englightened-Shambhala_Mongolia_week34smEnlightened, Shambhala, Mongolia

Jenc_OOF Sparkle_pennsylvaniaSparkle, Pennsylvania

stephaniejackson_six_ohio_wk34Six, Ohio

JaroszKristine34_Hottest Day_Wassenaar_The NetherlandsHottest Day, Wassenaar, Netherlands

catewnek-summer_daze_maineSummer Daze, Maine

chloelodge_We'll be here to catch you_Dubai_week 34We’ll be here to catch you, Dubai

Amanda-ODonoughue-the boy with the iron guts-Jackson-Blue-Springs-FLThe boy with the iron guts, Jackson Blue Springs, Florida

breannapeterson.the last summer days. alaskaThe last Summer days, Alaska

amandafraser_lostlove_brisbane_australia_wk34Lost Love, Brisbane, Australia

Week 33

33beckyventeicher_first day excitement, VirginiaFirst Day Excitement, Virginia

StacieAnnSmith_FirstDayBlues_Colorado_Week33First Day Blues, Colorado

DebSchwedhelm-Mt Fuji Climb-JapanMt Fuji Climb, Japan

Kirsty Larmour-hanging on-Xuankong hanging monastery China_ Week 33-smHanging On, Xuankong Hanging Monastery, China

CaliforniaSacred Space, Summerland, California

catewnek-boy_aquarius_maineBoy Aquarius, Maine

nicolaberry_New Home, New Pool, New JerseyNew Home, New Pool, New Jersey

carolina gonzalez Sunshine Sea Salt and Treasure south floridaSunshine, Sea, Salt and Treasure, South Florida

Amanda-ODonoughue-Untitled-Tallahassee-FLA WYWH33Untitled, Tallahassee, Florida

jenc_changing seasons_pennsylvaniaChanging Seasons, Pennsylvania

week33-in my happy place - lbi new jerseyMy Happy Place, LBI, New Jersey

amandafraser_pink love_brisbane_wk32Pink Love, Brisbane, Australia

Kim Bracken_living_the_dream_Philippines (1 of 1)Living the Dream, Philippines

33chloelodge_Home is where the heart smiles_DubaiHome is where the heart smiles, Dubai

felicedouglas_header_GermanyHeader, Germany

JaroszKristine33_Summer Obstacle Course_Wassenaar_The NEtherlandsSummer Obstacle Source, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

stephaniejackson_school year wishes_ohio_wk33School Year Wishes, Ohio

Week 32

Kim-Bracken_Dawn_Manila_Philippines-(1-of-1)Dawn, Manila, Philippines

32beckyventeicher_a little love and light, VirginiaA little love and light, Virginia

Thurston.jpgSun Spot, Ohio

Rowe Timson_I dont want to_ Canggu BaliI don’t want to, Canggu, Bali

felicedouglas_garden treasures_GermanyGarden Treasures, Germany

PhyllisMeredith_Meadow Flowers_ConnecticutMeadow Flowers, Connecticut

JaroszKristine32_last of summer_Wassenaar_The NetherlandsLast of Summer, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

jenc_barged her way in_pennsylvaniaBarged her way in, Pennsylvania

Kirsty Larmour-hiking the wild wall China_ Week 32 smHiking the Wild Wall, China

catewnek-making-strides-maineMaking Strides, Maine

Chloe Lodge_A summer to remember_Mallorca_32A Summer to remember, Mallorca

nicolaberry_Finding Dory_Monterey Bay Aquarium_CaliforniaFinding Dory, Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Amanda-ODonoughue-perfect match-Grassroots Democratic School-FLA WK32WYWHPerfect Match, Grassroots Democratic School, Florida

week32-pamela joye - looking forward to this - lbi new jerseyLooking forward to this, New Jersey

Week 31

nicolaberry_This was Home_Hong KongThis Was Home, Hong Kong

chloelodge_Determind_Mallorca wk31Determined, Mallorca

StacieAnnSmith_TinyHeart_Colorado_Week31Tiny Heart, Colorado

PhyllisMeredith_Morning With Tiny Fish_VermontMorning With Tiny Fish, Vermont

catewnek_night_night_maineNight Night, Maine

jenc_silly boys_pennsylvaniaSilly Boys, Pennsylvania

Amanda-ODonoughue- Self Serve-High Springs Country Inn-FLASelf Serve, High Springs Country Inn, Florida

31-kaypickens-Lazy-Summer-Afternoon-6111Lazy Summer Afternoon, Missouri

felicedouglas_the gift_GermanyThe Gift, Germany

2Rowe Timson_flower crowns and sunshine_BaliFlower Crowns and Sunshine, Bali

Kirsty Larmour-jiaozi everyday_Pingyao China_ Week 31 smJiaozi Everyday, Pingyao, China

2Kim_Bracken_One_more_time_Manila_Philippines (1 of 1)One More Time, Manila, Philippines

amandafraser_sprinklerfuninwinter_brisbane_australia_wk31Sprinkler Fun In Winter, Brisbane, Australia

jenlucas_YES!_LakeSuperior_week31-1YES!, Lake Superior

Thurston.jpgPeace Bracelets, Ohio

week31-pamela joye - that one moment in particular - kentuckyThat One Moment In Particular, Kentucky

JaroszKristine 31_All the Good Cousins_Pinehurst NCAll The Good Cousins, Pinehurst, North Carolina

31beckyventeicher_dad games, VirginiaGames With Dad, Virginia

Week 30

Amanda-ODonoughue- my morning meditation- FLAMy Morning Meditation, Florida

felicedouglas_hiding_GermanyHiding, Germany

stephaniejackson_book light_ohio_wk30Book Light, Ohio

July 29, 2016 DSC_6890_850pxAt the Ballgame, Pennsylvania

30beckyventeicher_the moment her favorite song began to play, VirginiaThe moment her favorite song began to play, Virginia

Kirsty Larmour-waiting for th rain to pass_longshen China_ Week 30 smWaiting for the rain to pass, Longshen, China

jenlucas_BeachDay_LakeSuperior-1Beach Day, Lake Superior, Wisconsin

chloelodge_365 steps_Mallorca_week 30365 Steps, Mallorca

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetMeet me at the peak, Greece

gingerwillard.to.fly.delaware.wk30To Fly, Delaware

nicolaberry_Water Wings_Hong Kong-2Water Wings, Hong Kong

Deb Schwedhelm-common sense-LondonCommon Sense, London

JaroszKristine30_Cousin Camp 2016_Pinehurst NCCousin Camp, Pinehurst, North Carolina

%22Showered%22 with love at our Baby Shower- Frankston, Australia-Megan-Gardner-Wk30Showered with love at our baby shower, Frankston, Australia

30-kaypickens-TryingToNap-MO-6076Trying to Nap, Missouri

breanna peterson. hello. alaskaHello, Alaska

amandafraser_hisbabies_brisbane_australia_wk30His Babies, Brisbane, Australia

Rowe Timson_The dog who loves coconuts_BaliThe dog who loves coconuts, Bali

week30-pamela joye - home - massachusettsHome, Massachusetts

VermontBest skipper on Lake Champlain, Vermont

Week 29

Rowe Timson_thirteen_Chinderah AustraliaThirteen, Chinderah, Australia

Amanda-ODonoughue-Sunset Supper- Tallahassee-FLSunset Supper, Tallahassee

Kirsty Larmour-Tram by night_Hong Kong_ Week 29Tram by Night, Hong Kong

amandafraser_thrilled_brisbane_australia_wk29Thrilled, Brisbane, Australia

nicolaberry_Panda Love_Chengdu_ChinaPanda Love, Chengdu, China

jenlucas_CherryPitter_Wi_wk29-1Cherry Pitter, WI

29-kaypickens-Summer-Reading-StLouis-MO-6061Summer Reading, St Louis

JaroszKristine29_Sunset Golf_Cape CodSunset Golf, Cape Cod

29chloelodge-It's a, MallorcaIt’s a, Mallorca

29catewnek_knees_up-mdi_maineKnees Up, Mdi, Maine

gingerwillard.brothers.maryland.wk29Brothers, Maryland

StacieAnnSmith_Cooking_ColoradoCooking, Colorado

29beckyventeicher_baby humor, VirginiaBaby Humor, Virginia

week29-pamela joye - with each flag at half mast my scream grows louder - massachusettsWith Each Flag at Half Mast my Scream Grows Louder, Massachusetts

stephaniejackson_lookout_ohio_wk29Lookout, Ohio

felicedouglas_apple of my eye_GermanyApple of my Eye, Germany

PhyllisMeredith_Birds On The Brain_North CarolinaBirds on the Brain, North Carolina

Week 28

gingerwillard.looking.in.virginia.wk28Looking In, Virginia

StacieAnnSmith_SwimteamRocks_ColoradoSwim Team Rocks, Colorado

Kirsty Larmour-pool fun abu dhabi-Week 28Pool Fun, Abu Dhabi

chloelodge_A slide with a view, Mallorca wk28A Slide with a View, Mallorca

WYWH_nicolaberry_Hiking on the Great Wall_Mutianyu_ChinaHiking on the Great Wall, Mutianyu, China

stephaniejackson_going up_ohio_wk28Going Up, Ohio

28beckyventeicher_mud, glorious mud, VirginiaMud Glorious Mud, Virginia

jenc_fleeting_pennsylvaniaFleeting, Pennsylvania

JaroszKristine28_Screen Door_Cape CodScreen Door, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

amandafraser_Campinginthemiddleofnowhere_PlentyHwy_NorthernTerritory_wk28Camping in the middle of nowhere, Plenty Highway, Northern Territory, Australia

PhyllisMeredith_Greetings From Virginia Beach_VirginiaGreetings from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Amanda-ODonoughue-Love-in-a-paper-bag-FloridaLove in a Paper Bag, Florida

jenlucas_LakeDays_WI_wk29-1Lake Days, Wisconsin

week28-pamelajoye-to nice with love - franceTo Nice with Love, France