Week 2

WYWH_tinahunter_wk2On the Street, Indiana

WYWH-deb-schwedhelm-wk2Scooters and Bikes, Florida

WYWH_StacieSmith_Wk2My House, Colorado

wywh_jen capozzola_wk 2Cold Wet Day, New Jersey

WYWH_gingerwillard_wk2Vacation Sunset, Florida

WYWH-megan-gardner-wk2Mt Eliza, Australia

Meredith FamilyCold Snow Day, Connecticut

wywh_jenlucas-wk2-1Chicago River, Illinois

WYWH_Cate_Wnek_Week 2In the Rain, Maine

breannapeterson 2-52Kodiak, Alaska

WYWH_Kirsty Larmour_Week 2The Desert, Abu Dhabi

WYWH_sarategman_wk2Port Canaveral, Florida

WYWH_Rowe_Timson_week2Summer Days, Bali

WYWH-pamela-joye-wk2Wires and Starlings, Massachusetts

WYWH-karenporter-wk2The Smoking Loons, New York

WYWH_Becky_Venteicher_wk2Our House, Virginia

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK2Hallway, Ohio

WYWH_efipanagoula_wk2Thessaloniki, Greece

WYWH_nicolaberry_wk2New Arrival, France

WYWH_amandaodonoughue_wk2Father’s Hands, Florida

WYWH-lili_love_wk2By the River Mole, England

WYWH-meghan-hof-wk2Foothills of the Rockies, Colorado

wywh-kay-pickens-wk2-2619Moving Day One, Missouri

6 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Loving this!! So awesome seeing everyplace. Can’t wait for next week.

  2. Wow! Amazing work! So glad to be on the receiving end of this artistic endeavor.

  3. Amazing images I am really enjoying this project

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