Week 7

wywh_jen capozzola_wk7The Journey by Mary Oliver, New Jersey

WYWH-debschwedhelm-wk7Foggy Workshop Evening, Florida

WYWH_Kirsty Larmour_Week 7Endless Dunes, Endless Fun, Abu Dhabi

WYWH_nicolaberry_wk7Forêt de Fausses Reposes, France

efipanagoulaMuseum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

Amanda-ODonoughue-WYWH-week7Soul Food, Florida

WYWH_Phyllis_Meredith_Week_7Going Up and Coming Down, Connecticut

WYWH_Cate_Wnek_Wk7Winter Wonder, Maine

WYWH-LIli-lovewk7Esher Common, England

wywh-kay-pickens-wk7-2903Late Afternoon Shadow, Missouri

WYWH_pamela-joye_wk07Fence, Snow, Self, Massachusetts

WYWH_Rowe_Timson_wk7Piano Practice, Our Home, Bali

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK7Imaginations at Play, Ohio

WYWH breannapeterson week 7On the Kitchen Counter, Alaska

WYWH-karenporter-wk7Superhero in the City, New York

WYWH_gingerwillard_wk7Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington, DC

wywh_jenlucas_wk7-1University of Wisconsin Arboretum, Wisconsin

WYWH_sarategman_wk7Angled Perspective, Missouri

WYWH-megan-gardner-wk7Lazy Dog Chloe, Frankston, Australia

WYWH_StacieAnnSmithWk7Like Mom, Colorado

WYWH-MeghanHof-Week7Our Kitchen Table, Colorado

WYWH_tinahunter_wk7Ready for Dancing, Indiana

WYWH_Becky_Venteicher_wk7Dreaming, Blooming, Virginia

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