Week 16

wywh-kay-pickens-wk16-3286Wild in the Meadow, Missouri

WYWH_nicolaberry_wk16Normandy American Cemetery, France

jenc_dreams of an 8 year old boy_new jerseyDreams of an eight year old boy, New Jersey

Cate_Wnek_WYWH_Wk16Morning Stroll, Maine

WYWH-MeghanHof-Week16Daydreaming, Colorado

WYWH_sarategman_wk16Turning Ten, Missouri

WYWH_stephanie jackson_WK16Sundrenched Brothers, Ohio

WYWH-Amanda-ODonoughue-Week16Sunscreen Application, Florida

WYWH_StacieAnnSmith_Wk16Outtake, Colorado

WYWH-Megan-Gardner-Wk16Ready, Set, Go!! Baxter, Australia

WYWH_Kirsty-Larmour_Week-16Roadside Rest, Seminyak, Bali

Rowe_Timson_WYWH_Wk16Lunch Date, Mama San, Bali

wywh_jenlucas_wk16-1University Sailboats, Madison, Wisconsin

WYWH_becky_venteicher_wk16Camping, Virginia

WYWH_gingerwillard_wk16Splash, Virginia

WYWH-deb-schwedhelm-wk16Evening Swim, Florida

WYWH-breanna-peterson-week16Watching the Big Kids, Alaska

WYWH_pamelajoye_wk16Boy. Ledge. Trashcans. Triangle., Massachusetts

365 Project 2014MFA, Boston (Strong), Massachusetts

wywh-lili-love-wk16A Happy Easter Mess, England

WYWH-karenporter-wk16Through my Window, New York

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