Week 24

Aye Aye Cap'n, MaineAye Aye Cap’n, Maine

Great Season Buddy, PennsylvaniaGreat Season Buddy, Pennsylvania

Foster Parents, Gainesville FloridaFoster Parents, Gainesville Florida

For Gregory and Michelle, New MexicoFor Gregory and Michelle, New Mexico

Revisiting Memories, OhioRevisiting Memories, Ohio

Zuzu Alone, ConnecticutZuzu Alone, Connecticut

Six, AlaskaSix, Alaska

Summer Breakfast, WISummer Breakfast, WI

Overwhelmed, Samarkand UzbekistanOverwhelmed, Samarkand Uzbekistan

Ninth Grader Now, Hong KongNinth Grader Now, Hong Kong

Cousins, North CarolinaCousins, North Carolina

Party Feet, EnglandParty Feet, England

30 Year Home - Last Night, St Louis MO30 Year Home – Last Night, St Louis MO

Father and Son, New YorkFather and Son, New York

Memory of the Blue Ridge, VirginiaMemory of the Blue Ridge, Virginia

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