week 36

01-WYWH-Megan-Gardner-Ghost Surfer, Gunnamatta, Australia-Wk36 Ghost Surfer, Australia

02-Catewnek-back-to-the-car-maine Back to the Car, Maine

03-StacieAnnSmith_Riding Through Puddles_Colorado Riding through Puddles, Colorado

365 Project 2014 One More Afternoon at East Beach, Rhode Island

05-breannapeterson.silverseason.alaska-1 Silver Season, Alaska

06-Kirsty Larmour Week 36_in the bazaar_Iran In the Bazaar, Iran

07-jenlucas_Backyard_WI_wk36-1 Backyard, Wisconsin

08-36beckyventeicher_destruction, and then art_Virginia Destruction, and then Art, Virginia

09-MeghanHof-Week36-BeachFun-Oregon Beach Fun, Oregon

10-stephaniejackson_box fort_ohio_wk36 Box Fort, Ohio

11-nicolaberry_Double Birthday Wishes_Hong Kong Double Birthday Wishes, Hong Kong

12-Amanda-ODonoughue-big-brother-Florida-WK36 Big Brother, Florida

13-Jenc, Off They Go, Pennsylvania Off They Go, Pennsylvania

14-Efi Panagoula_hide in the city_Thessaloniki-Greece Hide in the City, Greece

15-36-kaypickens-Sunset-Anna-Maria-Island-FL-1593 Sunset, Florida

16-week35 pamelajoye remembering this day maine The Leap, Maine

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  1. […] While break has ended, summer is alive and well in our backyard.  We know our days are limited; we will blink and 75 & sunny becomes 55 & rainy and then becomes frozen tundra for a thousand days and then reverse.  And so we grab after-school snacks and gulps of ice water and tumble into our miniature (also known as urban) backyard.   PINPlease check out the rest of the fab talent: Wish You Were Here, Year 2, Week 36 […]

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