Week 39

chloelodge_12 weeks_Dubai_week 3912 Weeks, Dubai

jenc_twelve_pennsylvaniaTwelve, Pennsylvania

DebSchwedhelm-Project12-CaliforniaProject 12, California

breanna peterson. front yard fun. alaskaFront Yard Fun, Alaska

jenlucas_DrivewayCarWash_WI_wk39Driveway Car Wash, Wisconsin

colleen_putman_street_vendor_at_night_manhattanStreet Vendor at Night, Manhattan, New York

nicolaberry_No Training Wheels_New JerseyNo Training Wheels, New Jersey

Kirsty Larmour_back to the heat_Abu Dhabi_week 39Back to the heat, Abu Dhabi

kjarosz 39_Ankle Biter_Wassenaar The Netherlands_Ankle Biter, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

39beckyventeicher_I am Moana, VirginiaI am Moana, Virginia

PhyllisMeredith_Meeting Jack_Exeter, New HampshireMeeting Jack, Exeter, New Hampshire

Week 38

colleen_putman_morning_at_moma_manhattan Morning at Moma, Manhattan
Jennifer Capozzola_Office View_Philadelphia Office View, Philadelphia
nicolaberry_The Wall of Yay_New Jersey The Wall of Yay, New Jersey
38beckyventeicher_love, Charlottesville, Virginia Love, Charlottesville, Virginia
chloelodge_Monday morning_Dubai_week 38 Monday Morning, Dubai
jenlucas_SickDays_WI Sick Days, Wisconsin
Amanda-ODonoughue-Sad Clown-Tallahasse-Florida Sad Clown, Tallahasse, Florida
Kirsty Larmour_beautiful friends_Tibet_week 38 Beautiful Friends, Tibet
kjarosz 38_Bailie at the Beach_Wassenaar The Netherlands_ Bailie at the Beach, Wassenaar, The Netherlands
DebSchwedhelm-AtTheRiver=RichmondVirginia At the River, Richmond, Virginia

Maine 2017

Peaceful Home for 3 Nights, Maine

Week 37

chloelodge_nap time_Dubai_week 37 Nap Time, Dubai
jenc_eight_pennsylvania Eight, Pennsylvania
colleen_putman_piano_man_manhattan Piano Man, Manhattan
Breanna Peterson. fall has arrived. alaska Fall Has Arrived, Alaska
262.365 Early Morning Farm Chores,Massachusetts
Kirsty Larmour_Kora with the pilgrims_Tibet_week 37 Kora With the Pilgrims, Tibet
nicolaberry_9 a.m. Roller Disco_Florham Park_New Jersey Roller Disco, Florham Park, New Jersey
kjarosz 37_Basketball_Wassenaar The Netherlands_ Basketball, Wassenaar
jenlucas_HeadingHome_WI_week38 Heading Home, Wisconsin
37beckyventeicher_morning conversation, Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Morning Conversation, Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

Week 36

felicedouglas_first and last_Germany First and Last, Germany

kjarosz 36_New Puppy_Wassenaar The Netherlands_ New Puppy, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

PhyllisMeredith-Final Hurrah, Bread and Puppet-MA Final Hurrah Bread and Puppet, MA

Kirsty Larmour_getting directions_Kham_Tibet_week 36 Getting Directions, Kham,Tibet

catewnek-start_where_you_are-maine Where You Are, Maine

jenc_evening mail run_pennsylvania Evening Mail Run, Pennsylvania

jenlucas_EveningChore_WI_week36 Evening Chore, Wisconsin

nicolaberry_14_New Jersey 14, New Jersey

Amanda-ODonoughue-Hurricane-Prep-Tallahassee-FL Hurricane Prep, Tallahassee, Florida

charlaine williams_Arkansas Arkansas

colleen_putman_last_splash_of_summer_connecticut Lasts Splash of Summer, Connecticut

chloelodge_First family swim_Dubai_Week 36 First Family Swim, Dubai

breanna peterson. the hoophouse. alaska (1 of 1) The Hoophouse, Alaska

DebSchwedhelm-Ellie-San Onofre, California Ellie, San Onofre, California

Week 35

jenlucas_Unplugged_Lake Superior, MIUnplugged,Lake-Superior, Michigan

DebSchwedhelm_At the River_VirginiaAt the River, Virginia

nicolaberry_Last Day of Summer_Sea Girt_New JerseyLast Day of Summer, Sea Girt, New Jersey

CharlaineWilliams_Watercolor_Charleston_South CarolinaWatercolor, Charleston, South Carolina

colleen_putman_day_at_the_farm_connecticutDay at the Farm, Connecticut

Kirsty Larmour_this bridge is quite wobbly_Kham_Tibet_week 35This Bridge is Quite Wobbly, Kham, Tibet

jenc_dominick's project_pennsylvaniaDominick’s Project, Pennsylvania

kjarosz 35_hearts in bushes_Wassenaar The Netherlands_Hearts in Bushes, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Catewnek-Mom, listen--MaineMom Listen, Maine

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetFirst Day 9th and 12th, Massachusetts

breannapeterson. back to ballet. alaska (1 of 1)Back to Ballet, Alaska

chloelodge_Stroller nap_Dubai_week 35Stroller Nap, Dubai

felicedouglas_last day of summer_GermanyLast Day of Summer, Germany

Week 34

re-imagined--maine--catewnekRe-imagined, Maine

Wk 34 Megan Gardner-Birthday celebrations continue-Frankston, AustraliaBirthday celebrations continue, Frankston, Australia

Amanda-ODonoughue-first skate-Fort Pierce FloridaFirst Skate, Fort Pierce, Florida

image1Stepping back in, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photo Aug 27, 5 18 48 PMViewing Manhattan, Empire State Building, New York

colleen_putman_overlooking_lake_michigan_sleeping_bear_dunes_michiganOverlooking Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

IMG_2395View from the top bunk, Yunnan, China

California 2017Happy 50th, California

CharlaineWilliams.dizzy.CharlestonSCDizzy, Charleston, South Carolina

DebSchwedhelm-JamesRiver-VirginiaJames River, Virginia

Breanna Peterson. boat snack. alaska-1Boat Snack, Alaska

chloelodge_Knowing_Dubai_week 34Knowing, Dubai

felicedouglas_surrender to impatience_GermanySurrender to impatience, Germany

Week 33

California 2017Free, California

Post Birthday Breakfast-Megan-Gardner-Frankston, Australia-Wk 33Post Birthday Breakfast, Frankston, Australia

kjarosz 33_Legos and Laundry_Wassenaar The Netherlands_Legos and Laundry, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

eclipse + target, PennsylvaniaEclipse + Target, Pennsylvania

Breanna Peterson. pretending we could see the eclipse. alaska-1Pretending we could see the eclipse, Alaska

nicolaberry_Eclipse Excitement_New JerseyEclipse Excitement, New Jersey

Amanda-ODonoughue-cosmic pull- FloridaCosmic Pull, Florida

colleen_putman_urban_hammock_manhattanUrban Hammock, Manhattan, New York

Kirsty Larmour_peeking in on sister chats_Phrao_Thailand_Week 33 smPeeking in on sister chats, Phrao, Thailand

chloelodge_Desert rain_Dubai_week 33Desert Rain, Dubai

Week 32

32beckyventeicher_Love Always Wins, Charlottesville, VirginiaLove Always Wins, Charlottesville, Virginia

Breanna Peterson. We Stand with Charlottesville. Alaska-1We Stand with Charlottesville, Alaska

nicolaberry_Required Reading_New JerseyRequired Reading, New Jersey

Vermont July 2017High Summer, Connecticut

kjarosz 32_First Time Mowing The Grass _Wassenaar The Netherlands_First time mowing the grass, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Kirsty Larmour_sorngtaaou rides_Chiang Mai_Thailand_Week 32 smSorngtaaou Rides, Chiang Mai, Thailand

colleen_putman_window_washers_manhattanWindow Washers, Manhattan, New York

chloelodge_indoor living_Dubai_week 32Indoor Living, Dubai

Jennifer Capozzola_Wading_Cape Cod_MassachusettsWading, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Amanda-ODonoughue-the making of sand- Jensen Beach-FLAThe making of sand, Jensen Beach, Florida

Week 31

nicolaberry_Exploring_Dominican RepublicExploring, Dominican Republic

jenlucas_ForestFloor_WI_week31Forest Floor, Wisconsin

Fire, wood and stone campAfternoon in the meeting meadow, Connecticut

colleen_putman_rooftop_diners_manhattanRooftop Diners, Manhattan

jenc_camper_new jerseyCamper, New Jersey

Kirsty Larmour_lines and light_Abu Dhabi_week 31Lines and Light, Abu Dhabi

breanna peterson. the fox in her den. alaska-1The fox in her den, Alaska

Amanda-ODonoughue-Belieber- Jensen Beach-FLBelieber, Jensen Beach-FL

chloelodge_the dry off_Dubai_week 31The dry off, Dubai

efiReturning, Greece

pamelajoye_week31_the end of a perfect week-maineThe end of a perfect week, Maine