Week 36

felicedouglas_first and last_Germany First and Last, Germany

kjarosz 36_New Puppy_Wassenaar The Netherlands_ New Puppy, Wassenaar, The Netherlands

PhyllisMeredith-Final Hurrah, Bread and Puppet-MA Final Hurrah Bread and Puppet, MA

Kirsty Larmour_getting directions_Kham_Tibet_week 36 Getting Directions, Kham,Tibet

catewnek-start_where_you_are-maine Where You Are, Maine

jenc_evening mail run_pennsylvania Evening Mail Run, Pennsylvania

jenlucas_EveningChore_WI_week36 Evening Chore, Wisconsin

nicolaberry_14_New Jersey 14, New Jersey

Amanda-ODonoughue-Hurricane-Prep-Tallahassee-FL Hurricane Prep, Tallahassee, Florida

charlaine williams_Arkansas Arkansas

colleen_putman_last_splash_of_summer_connecticut Lasts Splash of Summer, Connecticut

chloelodge_First family swim_Dubai_Week 36 First Family Swim, Dubai

breanna peterson. the hoophouse. alaska (1 of 1) The Hoophouse, Alaska

DebSchwedhelm-Ellie-San Onofre, California Ellie, San Onofre, California

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